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The Referral Revenue Way to ASCs’ Continuing Growth

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) offer patients the convenience of having surgery and other procedures performed safely outside the hospital setting. There are approximately 5,600 Medicare-certified surgery centers in the United States. Of these, approximately 1,400 to 1,700 have a hospital partner.

The Referral Rainmaker for Hospitals

In my discussions with CFOs and CIOs I have yet to come across anyone who doesn't lament the lack of revenue velocity. Simply put-more is always less and yet there is an overwhelming majority out there who will not work towards that goal. Decisive leadership is needed from C suite business leaders to align incentives to the resolution of this problem.

How Hospitals Can Increase Referral Revenues

A good patient referral management system would have to be one that minimizes the administrative tasks that have to be performed- by all parties including the physicians, their staff, and the patients- within the patient referral process, but that maximizes the amount and currency of necessary information communicated between physician practices, writes Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare.

Care Transitions Do Matter

Innovation and application of technology to Care Transition issues can yield a lot of benefits. A virtuous Loop needs to be created to ensure a well Coordinated Transitional Care and in that quest, technology can be a great facilitator, writes Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare.

Democratizing mHealth

Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare urges mHealth technology providers need to take cognizance of the growing cries of users for "democracy" and create all solutions with a mobile-first ("mFirst") development approach. Sometimes, software vendors are not the most qualified people to tell physicians and care givers how and which mHealth solution they should use. Hospitals should not be at the mercy of inefficient structures that that vendors have built in their software development process

BYOD: Implications for Healthcare

Despite challenges and apprehensions, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept may well be the norm rather than the exception in the healthcare space, predicts Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare. This is driven largely by the astonishing growth of the mobile healthcare (mHealth) market.

Go Home Health Care!

That Family and Home Care is the best way to support Active ageing is not lost on individuals, policy makers and technology providers alike. In providing desirable outcomes, technology can be leveraged to the hilt and this presents a great opportunity for software firms. All aspects of healthcare services delivery have to "Go Home" as rapidly expanding silver societies globally demand structural changes to traditional approach.